Wedding Reception | Invitations


My wedding reception invitations included blood, sweat and tears. Literally. 

I created my invitations start to finish. 

First | I went to Pinterest. Of course. I compiled a long list of pins I liked. I then went through and decided what I liked about them. Then I paired them down to 5 key elements I wanted

  1. Colors, Gold and neutrals
  2. Pocket invitation card
  3. Flip card of events
  4. Fonts, one script and one simple
  5. Icons

 Second | I ordered my pockets, envelopes and invitation card mat from cards and pockets. I sketched out my ideas for each piece, the main mat invitation, the response card, and the flip card of events. I then gave my sketches to my sister and she designed them on her computer. 

Third | I researched a company that could print in gold foil. I found Kool Printing and sent them an email with my designs, paper sizes and timeline I needed them done by. 

Fourth | I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and stocked up on all the items I would need to assemble my invitations.

  1. Double sided tape
  2. Gold eyelets
  3. Small hole punch
  4. Ribbon
  5. "K" stamp & gold ink

I received my prints and pockets in the mail and started to assemble!  


The invitations ended up costing me $5.80 each.  

If I were to do them again here are my tips.

  1. The invitations ended up weighing more than I had expected so I had to order a second round of stamps just to send them out which obviously not only cost me more but also delayed sending out the invitations.  
  2. I would have double checked my paper sizes. My "Response" cards were just a shy too large for their envelopes so I had to take them in to get professionally cut down.