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My name is Meagan, i'm a wife and mother of two. In the matter of one year I went from bing a single work-a-hollic, to a married stay-at-home mother. This was and continues to be a HUGE adjustment for me. I started my blog, The Winemakers Wife, because I was lonely and bored! After Jon and I got married I was (and still am) introduced as the Winemakers Wife. At first it really bothered me! HELLO people, I have a name, I am my own person! Eventually, I came to terms with it and when I started to think about creating my blog, it just seemed fitting. And frankly I was proud of myself for being able to laugh about something that use to bug me so much..

I’m originally from Woodinville, WA and now living in Lake Chelan, WA. My husband Jon and I like to spend our summers on the lake and as much of our winters as possible on the beaches of California! Jon makes wine for both Wapato Point Cellars and Lake Chelan Winery as well as Cider for Washington Gold Hard Cider.  ((YUM!))

I started The Winemakers Wife to share my life & passions. I'm a former Nordstrom employee and love putting simple, functional and fashionable outfits together! My husband and I love to travel with our kids and do so as much as work allows. I love hosting a good dinner party. And finally, home decor is one of my favorite hobbies. I love creating inviting and relaxing spaces for family and friends to enjoy!

I ‘m new to this whole marriage and mothering thing. And I struggle. Sometimes I get it right, most of the time I don’t. I hope through sharing my personal successes, failures, opinions and stories I can help women in my same position feel like you’re not alone.


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