Thanksgiving Traditions

My family hasn't always been huge on thanksgiving or any traditions surrounding this particular holiday.  While growing up, on Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day etc. we always had a tradition that I'd look forward to and it made each holiday that much more special. So for Vienna and our family I wanted to start a tradition of our own. 


In the spirit of being thankful I wanted to do something that we as a family are accountable for letting each other know how much we love them and how thankful I am to have them specifically in my life. I've always thought it's sad that pen pals are so scarse and that not a lot of people actually write letters anymore, SO.. tratition one,

Thankful Letters

I'm now making it our tradition to write each other thankful letters each year on thanksgiving. I'll write one for Jon, Vienna and probably one for the little man currently renting space in my womb. And Jon will do the same. I'll probably let Vienna draw a picture for us and we can put the letters in our family memory box each year.