Glow Face Serum - DIY with Essential Oils

Today I wanted to share my daily moisturizer I make for myself!

I get asked a lot what primer I use because my face is GLOWING (insert blushing face here)! I always love to share that its not a primer, it's my amazing DIY Glow Face Serum! 

Heres what you'll need:

Use the glass dropper, add 10 drops of each essential oil, then fill the rest of the dropper up with Jojoba Oil & shake! I use this serum every morning and night. If you have any questions at all or want to get started with essential oils let me know! I'm always looking for more boss babes to join our team!


Essential Oils | Getting Started

I've been getting a lot of question lately about Essential Oils and how to get started with using all natural products, so please use the following post to glean some information. PLEASE contact me for any further information or questions you might need!


1. Click on this link

2. Select member (it's preselected for you) and country. Enter in 14991326 in both enroller and sponsor spots if it’s not prefilled in.

3. Hit continue.

4. Select premium starter kit with desert mist diffuser. 

5. Skip the monthly subscription part for now.

6. A pop up window will come up (click continue enrollment).

7. Fill in your personal info (If you ever plan to share/sell to friends you can put in your ssn for commission purposes). 

✨Tadah, you're officially an Oiler!✨





Getting started. Here are some links of things I buy off of amazon to utilize your oils: Roller Balls, I use these to make Stress Away Rollers, Allergy Rollers, Immunity Rollers and so on.  Spray Bottles, I use these to make Thieves Cleaner and Mermaid Hair. Mini Spray Bottles, I use these Mini's for Linen spray. Foaming Bottle, these are perfect for making hand sanitizer or face wash. Finally Glass Droppers I use these for a Face Serum or Hair Serum.

Carrier oils are used lots when diluting essential oils. Fractionated Coconut Oil is what I use but some other common oils to use would be Grape Seed oil or Almond Oil. To make face wash or soaps I use Dr. Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap


A few terms you’ll see pop up a lot when researching Young Living essential oils include:

VITALITY - This simply means they are intended for consumption. Think, capsule, cooking, or added directly to tea/water.

DILUTE - You can dilute an oil by combing it with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil), which helps slow down the absorption of the oil.

TOPICAL - Meaning, the oil being applied to the skin. Some oils may need to be diluted before using them topically.

AROMATIC - This refers to inhaling an essential oil. Typically, you would rub the oil on the palm of the hands and then cup them to the nose and mouth.

DIFFUSER - The machine used to disperse essential oils into the air.


It's important to note that not all oils are safe to use in certain circumstances. A few instance to be careful while oiling. 

INDOOR ANIMALS - When you have indoor animals, please let me know if you have any and I can instruct you how to safely use oils with indoor pets!

BABIES - Essential oils are very concentrated and strong, please make sure that you are mixing oils for the correct age group when using oils on your young children. Per 10ml Roller Balls please use the following dilutions with a Carrier Oil of your choice. 0 to 6 months 1 drop +carrier oil per 10 ml bottle. 6 to 24 months 2 drops +carrier oil per 10 ml bottle. 2 to 6 years 3-6 drops +carrier oil per 10 ml bottle. 6 to 15 years 5-9 drops +carrier oil per 10 ml bottle. 15 and up years 8-15 drops +carrier oil per 10 ml bottle.

PREGNANCY - Avoid using the following oils when pregnant; Nutmeg, Rosemary, Rose, Basile, Jasmine, Juniper, Angelica, Thyme, Citronella, Cinnamon, Camphor, Fennel, Cedarwood and Wintergreen. I am not a doctor nor medical professional, please consult a doctor when considering using oils while pregnant.


Heres a link to the Vertical Product Guide, when your wondering what to try out next here are a few of my suggestions. 

  • Thieves cleaner. Thieves hand soap. 
  • Savvy Minerals Makeup. (YES, I use this every day, its all natural and I get compliments all the time!)
  • Toothpaste. 
  • For an extra energy boost try the vitamins Super .
  • YL's Natural Lavender Shampoo & Conditioner.
  • Cool Azul for post workouts.
  • 2nd Diffuser for kids room or living room. 
  • Tranquil Roll-On.
  • Oils; M-Grain & Valor.

Locals Guide to Lake Chelan: Wine Tasting Summer 2018

This week I'm sharing another Locals Guide to Lake Chelan. This post will be one of my season wine tasting guides for the Summer 2018 Season! I've been busy out and about wine tasting for y'all and I've compiled a list of top __ Wineries for this summer season!


1. Succession Winery | HANDS DOWN my favorite of the summer so far! You have to visit and try their Sauvignon Blanc. A beautiful crisp wine, fruity but not too sweet (my favorite type). Trust me, you don't want to miss this! Owners, Brock and Erica are two of the kindest hearts and its ALWAYS a pleasure getting served at Succession! ((And the view doesn't suck..))

2. Amos Rome Vineyards | This winery is new to open its doors but not new to grape growing or amazing taste in wine. Tom & Teddi have an amazing passion for wine and Lake Chelan. Amos Rome has been selling grapes to numerous wineries around the valley but just this year have opened their doors with one, yes ONE wine. Their amazing Rosé! Beautiful in color and 

3. Karma Vineyards | Usually I'd be talking about Karmas bubbles, because hello.. karma! BUT this time I've got something new for you! Karma's 2017 Coy is a complete different varietal than it was last year (2016 69% Riesling / 31% Chardonnay Blend). This year it is 100% Sauvignon Blanc. It's fruity, fresh and PERFECT for cooling off on a hot summer day.

4. Lake Chelan Winery | I've got a few here for you to try out (since I do spend some extensive time at this winery ;) SO. Try out the Falling Cow White, the Dry Rosé and the Syrah.

5. Wapato Point Cellars | AGAIN... I might spend some extensive time here and I might be a bias because they have the most handsome winemaker in the valley (Shameless Plug! - LOVE YOU BABE!) So, try the Vienna if you haven't had it yet (my daughters name sake), also the Black Label is one of my go-to's for dinner time when eating at The Winemakers Grill

Summer Fashion Trends

This year I got a STEAL of a deal on my Birthday dress, I never would have thunk id find a dress so cute from AMAZON! I got it in this beautiful yellow but it comes in 10+ colors and is under $20! 


Another piece I wear at least three times a week in the summer is this beautiful Bralette from NORDSTROM! It comes in 15+ Colors and is $38


My next favorite summer trend is the one piece swim suites! I have found SO many amazing swimsuits this year to add to my collection and my current favorite is by SEAFOLLY. My favorite feature of the Seafolly suites is that some of the prints come in matching patterns for your little girls! 

Surviving Summer Essentials

Summer is in full swing here on the lake and I wanted to share some of my secret weapons for surviving summer!

1. Portable Fan - This thing has been a life saver with tiny babies! Sitting in the stroller eating or taking a nap outside I just clip it to the side of the stroller and turn in on the keep them cool!

2. After Sun Gel - This stuff is a great natural sun gel that I feel completely safe using on my kids and myself. Its not that fake green color, not sticky and works wonders on sun-kissed skin.

3. Sun Bum Face Stick & Sun Bum Sunscreen - Again, all natural and great coverage for the kids! We do an annual trip to Hawaii and what really turned me onto it was the fact that its coral reef safe!

4. Puddle Jumper - Jameson is one and a half and he has been loving the freedom of the puddle jumper as opposed to his actual life jacket! This is what I use as the first stage to teach my kids how to swim.

5. Learn-to-Swim Flotation Jacket - THIS gem here is what I use as the second step to teaching my kids to swim. As they are more comfortable in the water you remove the foam pieces until theres nothing left! Once Vienna made it to about 3 foam pieces we had her start practicing without the vest and with a kick board (I recommend one with handles)

6. Beverage Holders - SO you can go one of two ways here. First I have my Yeti Wine Tumbler for around the pool and beach. Then I have my Yeti Rambler for the more inconspicuous times a mama might need her wine. I suppose it makes a great water bottle also.. Cheers! ;) 

So there you have it! My list of summer essentials, if you have any summer essentials you and your family can't live without PLEASE share!