Valentines Day Gift Guide | For Him

REMINDER LADIES! Valentines Day is just a few weeks away! This year we will be in California for Valentines Day and got a sitter for the kids, we agreed to a $50 budget for gifts (I always do this with any gift giving holiday, setting a budget is KEY in our household..). Some of his favorites lately are his joggers and anything that lets him work with ease. He recently got a wireless mouse for his laptop and loves it so I'm thinking some wireless headphones would be a great addition! Valentines day + our anniversary are so close together I always make it a point to sit down for a half our and write him a love letter. YES. Pen to paper. write a love letter! Its something thats so lost in our society these days and my husband might not admit it but he is a hopeless romantic. 

Anyways! Enjoy these fun gift ideas for the men in your life!

Cozy Joggers


Wireless Headphones

Toms Shoes

Blender Bottles