Valentines Day Crafts + Gifts | For Kids

We don't have any valentines day traditions for our kids yet. I used to love getting the kids pajamas for the holidays but they just seem to out grow them so quickly I've decided this year to give gifts that are experiences. So this valentines day we will be doing crafting and cookies! We're huge fans of Target and they have the most adorable heart shape molds, spatulas and serving trays! My hope is to buy less and give more. We will be crafting lots and baking cookies as gifts for our family and friends!

So Heres our Schedule of V-day Activities!

February 1: Countdown Craft

February 8: Make Cards for Family & Friends

February 12: Bake Cookies & Bag for gifts

February 14: Give out Valentines!

Heart Shaped Cookes

Cookie Recipe

Count Down Craft

Happy Valentines Day Love Bugs!