Thrive Market - Saving Money on Groceries!

A collaboration with Thrive Market 

After going over Jon and my budget from last year I was determined to save money this year on groceries, hands down our most expensive category. Thrive Market has become a great way to buy all our our organic goods at HUGE discounts! I couldn't believe it when I first started comparing Thrive's prices to what I was paying on Amazon. I wanted to share a few of my favorite items and the price difference between them on Thrive VS. Amazon!

1. Baby Formula 32 Oz Can on Thrive is $26.99 (Amazon $39 / Target $29)


2. First Defense Immune Support on Thrive $12.95 (Amazon $15)


3. Laundry Detergent on Thrive $11.49 (Amazon $15.99 / Target $12.99)


When you sign up now you get free shipping on your first order AND an additional 20% off your first two orders! I promise once you try it you'll be hooked! And just thinking of all that money your saving feels pretty good!