How I Became The Winemakers Wife

How did I become The Winemakers Wife?

In 2014, I got engaged. In 2015, I got married & had a baby. In two short years I went from being a single, work-a-holic to a married, wife & mom. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who handles that kind of identity change gracefully and without hardship. In the midst of my need to find myself in my new identity I was continually being called ‘The Winemkers Wife’. We would go into Wapato Point Cellars or Lake Chelan Winery (the wineries my husband makes wine at and co-owns) and I kept getting introduced as ‘The Winemakers Wife’. The first time I shrugged it off (I do have a name, but whatever!), the second time it was a little more off-putting, and every time after that I just giggled to myself. It sounds so glamorous, right! HA! ‘The Winemakers Wife’ .. if only they knew how un-glamorous it was. I decided to name my blog after these incidences because it’s kind of how I view myself and my life. Sure I can put on my face before I step out into the world, but I feel like my whole life has been just that. A face. A series of ‘if they only knew’.. If they only knew I got literally no sleep last night, no sleep. If they only knew I struggle with anxiety and am truly about to lose my shit right now. If they only knew my husband and I just screamed at each other the entire way to dinner, and now we have to smile and act all lovey. If they only knew. So yes, if you knew me prior to being Meagan Kludt, if you knew Meagan Wright, you probably have seen my blog and thought, OH GOD. How full of herself can she be?! Starting a blog called ‘The Winemakers Wife’ (insert eye roll here)! Hold up! I named it this because it makes me giggle! And sometimes, life gets too serious. And sometimes you just have to giggle at the people that call you The Winemakers Wife. 

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