Maternity Photos.

Maternity Photos.


Heres a little throw back for your Thursday! I had my maternity photos done at 34 weeks, and I was a little nervous about them, it was the point in my pregnancy were I had just started to feel huge. I had a pretty easy time dressing my bump up until about 30 weeks. I went my entire pregnancy with only buying one pair of maternity pants, one pair of maternity shorts and a hand full of tops. Luckily the in style through the summer was loose and flowing clothing so I could get away with just buying larger sizes in non-maternity clothing stores.

My all white maxi dress {Old Navy} was a favorite throughout my pregnancy. I wore it on our trip to Hawaii in February (15 weeks pregnant) and all the way through to these photos. It was super versitile and I could feel comfortable moving around in it.

The floral dress {Nordstrom}  in these photos was not a favorite. I bought it specifically for the shoot and didn't spend any time in it until the day of. I got something with a high neck to try and cover my large chest (which is never something I typically do) and I was just uncomfortable in it! Looking back at photos I wish I would have gone with something more comfortable for my second outfit.

I bought my pink bikini {Target} while pregnant. The bottoms were a size XL as well as the top, which was a bit depressing while trying swimwear on. BUT as most pregnant women find out the options for cute maternity wear is just SO limited! I enjoyed wearing that suit my entire pregnancy.

My tips for maternity pregnancy shoot:

  1. Wear clothes that are comfortable and cute!
  2. Don't rely on your husband to plan his own outfit.
  3. Have fun! Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Plan on the photos NOT turning out like the ones you see on Pinterest, and if they do, you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Photography: Kristi Bonney Photography