Wedding Season + Newborn

Wedding Season + Newborn


I love weddings. There's nothing more beautiful than two people coming together and proclaiming their love for each other in one amazing day of celebration. I love being part of a wedding from start to finish. From the engagement party and bridal shower games to day of breakfast casseroles and ceremony "I do's". Brittany + Travis's engagement and wedding were no different. But unlike any other wedding I've been to, this was my first with a newborn.

When Brittany first asked me to be a bridesmaid the first thing I did was calculate the number of days from my due date to her wedding day. 25 Days. My next thought was, how am I going to know what size dress to order? Will my stomach be back to normal by then? Will my boobs be bigger? Ha! If I knew now that none of that was relevant. What I should have been asking myself was; Who do I know that's been in a wedding that has a newborn? What am I going to do about breastfeeding? How am I supposed partake in all-day-wedding-events that start at 9am and last until 10pm, with a newborn? What's the game plan for when people have been drinking and ask to hold my baby? If only I knew then what I know now.

Three Rules of attending a wedding + newborn

  1. Have a helper, or two. My mom came with me to the brides house so that she could hold Vienna while I got my hair and makeup done, after that she tapped out and my husband came to the venue to help take care of her while we got dressed and took pictures. Then for the ceremony and party the three of us took care of her. It really does take a village!
  2. Have a bottle ready. If you're breastfeeding, pump. If pumping stresses you out and you just can't, bring formula. It just so happened that Vienna got hungry 10 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start. It was so nice to not have to worry about trying to time her feedings, we knew odds were she would get hungry at some point while I was busy, and surprise, she did!
  3. Don't have false expectations. Be loosey-goosey! Don't make any expectations like, were going to stay until the last dance, or, I'm only going to have one glass of wine. Jon and I talked before hand and agreed that we would just go with the flow! We knew it was going to be a long day of activities and as much as we both wanted to be a part of every little thing, we knew it was unrealistic to expect that of ourselves and of Vienna.

{Bonus Tip} I brought some yoga pants and a jacket to the wedding. Breastfeeding while wearing a bridesmaid dress was just ridiculous! I was uncomfortable, I couldn't move freely and therefore Vienna was uncomfortable. I finally gave up and changed into my mom-uniform and was instantly more at ease. I wish I would have just changed sooner!

On that note, Congratulations to the newlyweds, Travis and Brittany! Jon, Vienna and myself had such an amazing time on your special day!


Wedding / Event Coordinating: Brittany Johnson

Photography: Catie McGovern + Jamie Martin

Makeup: Brandy Maier

Hair: Brittany Moriatry

Wedding Couple: Travis + Brittany Johnson,