Surviving Summer Essentials

Summer is in full swing here on the lake and I wanted to share some of my secret weapons for surviving summer!

1. Portable Fan - This thing has been a life saver with tiny babies! Sitting in the stroller eating or taking a nap outside I just clip it to the side of the stroller and turn in on the keep them cool!

2. After Sun Gel - This stuff is a great natural sun gel that I feel completely safe using on my kids and myself. Its not that fake green color, not sticky and works wonders on sun-kissed skin.

3. Sun Bum Face Stick & Sun Bum Sunscreen - Again, all natural and great coverage for the kids! We do an annual trip to Hawaii and what really turned me onto it was the fact that its coral reef safe!

4. Puddle Jumper - Jameson is one and a half and he has been loving the freedom of the puddle jumper as opposed to his actual life jacket! This is what I use as the first stage to teach my kids how to swim.

5. Learn-to-Swim Flotation Jacket - THIS gem here is what I use as the second step to teaching my kids to swim. As they are more comfortable in the water you remove the foam pieces until theres nothing left! Once Vienna made it to about 3 foam pieces we had her start practicing without the vest and with a kick board (I recommend one with handles)

6. Beverage Holders - SO you can go one of two ways here. First I have my Yeti Wine Tumbler for around the pool and beach. Then I have my Yeti Rambler for the more inconspicuous times a mama might need her wine. I suppose it makes a great water bottle also.. Cheers! ;) 

So there you have it! My list of summer essentials, if you have any summer essentials you and your family can't live without PLEASE share!