Spring + Cherry Orchard Walk

Yesterday Jon and I took the kids for a walk through the cherry orachard like we do every year. Growing up amongst the orchards here Jon now finds it nostalgic to walk up and down the rows in full bloom, listing to the bees buzzing and watching the process of pollination happen. 

Watching him walk around the orchard with our two little ones, I fell in love all over again. I was reminded of one of the many reasons I fell in love with Jon. His ability to romanticize the most simple of things, and turn them into something amazing and beautiful. Then his vaulnrability in his verbalizing and sharing those simple and romantic things. 

This. This is why I moved to Lake Chelan. For moments like this when time seems to stand still and todays worries now cease to exists. The buzz of life's busieness is replaced with Jon skipping out of work and I leaving the dirty dishes in the sink, all to pack up the kids and walk around an orchard and listen to a more literal buzz, of bees.