Locals Guide to Lake Chelan: Wine Tasting Summer 2018

This week I'm sharing another Locals Guide to Lake Chelan. This post will be one of my season wine tasting guides for the Summer 2018 Season! I've been busy out and about wine tasting for y'all and I've compiled a list of top __ Wineries for this summer season!


1. Succession Winery | HANDS DOWN my favorite of the summer so far! You have to visit and try their Sauvignon Blanc. A beautiful crisp wine, fruity but not too sweet (my favorite type). Trust me, you don't want to miss this! Owners, Brock and Erica are two of the kindest hearts and its ALWAYS a pleasure getting served at Succession! ((And the view doesn't suck..))

2. Amos Rome Vineyards | This winery is new to open its doors but not new to grape growing or amazing taste in wine. Tom & Teddi have an amazing passion for wine and Lake Chelan. Amos Rome has been selling grapes to numerous wineries around the valley but just this year have opened their doors with one, yes ONE wine. Their amazing Rosé! Beautiful in color and 

3. Karma Vineyards | Usually I'd be talking about Karmas bubbles, because hello.. karma! BUT this time I've got something new for you! Karma's 2017 Coy is a complete different varietal than it was last year (2016 69% Riesling / 31% Chardonnay Blend). This year it is 100% Sauvignon Blanc. It's fruity, fresh and PERFECT for cooling off on a hot summer day.

4. Lake Chelan Winery | I've got a few here for you to try out (since I do spend some extensive time at this winery ;) SO. Try out the Falling Cow White, the Dry Rosé and the Syrah.

5. Wapato Point Cellars | AGAIN... I might spend some extensive time here and I might be a bias because they have the most handsome winemaker in the valley (Shameless Plug! - LOVE YOU BABE!) So, try the Vienna if you haven't had it yet (my daughters name sake), also the Black Label is one of my go-to's for dinner time when eating at The Winemakers Grill