Hubby Holiday Gift Guide

Every Wife & Girlfriend when it gets close to Christmas time is bound to ask this question: 'What do you buy the man who has everything?!' 

Stop your searching now, I've got you covered girl!

For the man that has it all, already.

1.  JORD Wood Watch  (Frankie - Koa & Ash Pictured)

Men can ALWAYS use a new watch. There's a watch for every occasion, but what i LOVE about the Wood watch is it can so easily be dressed up or dressed down! Jon can wear his to a business work meeting, get home and change into jeans and a tee to head out for dinner and not think twice about his watch. 

I chose to get him the Koa & Ash from the Frankie series because it matches his wardrobe best (he wears lots of grey). 

Price: Originally $189 - Use code J16MEAGANKLUDT25 for $25 off + Free Shipping!

2. Philips Sonicare Seriese 2 (Blue Pictured)

Men (okay MOST men) have a hard time pampering themselves, I thought a nice upgrade to a new electric toothbrush was the perfect, not too feminine and not so cliche as an electric razor. For the price I totally think this is the best deal on the market right now.

Price: Regularly $70 - Now on sale for $40 at Target

3. Cary on Cocktail Kit (Moscow Mule Pictured)

For the cute fun stocking stuffier gift, the Cary on Cocktail Kit is PERFECT!

Price: $24 - Or Order two and get them for $40

4. Birdling Bags Overnighter (Navy Bag Pictured)

Birdling Bags are one of my all time fav products. I use their Weekender Bag every time we travel, it has the perfect size divided compartments on the inside which make sharing a bag with our daughter super easy and organized (hallelujah! says this OCD mama), Jon has commented a few times on how nice it is, his packing needs are not quite what mine are so i figured the Overnighter would be the perfect size for him & his quick business trips!

Price: $175 - Receive 10% off if you sign up for their newsletter! 

5. Ascot Suede Men's Slipper at Nordstrom (Espresso Pictured)

House Slippers, not sure if they're a 'thing' in your home but we wear ours daily, which means they are well loved come every December! Jon has tried a few different brands out but always goes back to his Man Uggs! Great quality, easy to break in but also last all year! 

Price: $110 + Free Shipping!