Baby Boy Nursery Decor

With our new addition fast approaching we decided to move Vienna out of the Nursery and into a new 'big girl room'. She's beyond excited to have her new big girl bed and is now obsessed with all things 'big girl'. Transitioning Vienna's adorable Princess Pink & Gold nursery to a now Aviator Navy & Silver was surprisingly super easy!


 First when we moved her to the new room we moved all of her decor with her. Leaving all the bones of our nursery (Crib, Changing Table, Dresser, Rocking Chair & Shelfs). 

Next I bought new curtains, crib mattress sheet & changing table cover all in Navy Blue. Then I added in fun nic-nacks on the shelfs, a clock, small wood helicopter and airplanes, a baby fedora etc. 

Finally, my favorite addition, the blue airplane decals! For Vienna we had put up adorable gold hearts, I went a little bolder this time and am so glad! The airplanes are large enough to be a statement piece but don't take away from the rest of the decor.  

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Airplane Wall Decals by Urban Walls 

Felt Letter Board by RIVI

Navy Blue Curtians, Sheets & Covert by Target

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