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So it's been a little while since I've posted. Between baby chicken pox, 95+ degree weather and fundraising for our local fireworks show its been a crazy two weeks! I'm super excited to be sharing with y'all today about my most recent experience with essential oils! 

This week I teamed up with Aimee Crouch of @beautifully_natural_oils IG and she's helped me take the next steps towards helping Vienna and her 'Cradle Cap' 

When I've brought Vienna to the doctor about her dry and itchy scalp its either been 'Cradle Cap' (which isn't supposed to itch) or just dry scalp that should be treatable by moisturizer. Her scalp skin got so bad she was waking up in the middle of the night crying and all that would soothe her was me rubbing her head.  

Amiee reached out to me with the following suggestion "Hi Meagan, hopefully you got your samples by now. The Lavender/Melaleuca blend is diluted so you can apply it right on your little ones head! It will help with the itch and the cradle cap should begin to disappear soon. Feel free to apply it a few times a day if you like. 😊"  

I followed her directions and applied it twice a day (sometimes three times on bad days) and her itching has gone down a ton! I've accompanied the oils with two times a day coconut oil rub downs and the 'dry skin' has almost vanished!  

Just a cautious reminder, babies are SMALL so when using essential oils on them they need to be diluted quite a bit! Using coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil are my go to carriers.  

For more info on oils and where to buy visit Amiees Instagram account @beautifully_natural_oils or shop her döTERRA oils HERE 😊

Melaleuca Oil | döTERRA  

Melaleuca Oil | döTERRA