Happy Birthday | To My Sister

Today, May 3rd, is my sisters Birthday. 


First off I want to say I love you. Looking back on all of our years growing up, I don't think I said that enough. There are a lot of things I didn't say enough of, so I thought I'd take today to say them. 

  1. I love you. And not like a sisterly love because we're related and I have to, more like an I actually love YOU and the woman you are becoming. I love you. 
  2. I'm sorry. I'm sorry we don't live close to eachother and I'm sorry we don't talk as often as we should. There was a point in our lives where we shared a bedroom, and it's hard to be all grown up now and realize that the years and life have taken its toll on how close we used to be.  I'm sorry. 
  3. You are amazing. Really. Amazing. You don't get told it enough and you deserve to hear it more! I'm so proud of you and the life you've built for yourself. Your job. Your relationships. Your doing way better than I was at your age. And with grace & class. You are amazing. 

Today is is your birthday. And just as a sister will always do, I'm going to steal your spot line for a minute and tell you that Yes, today is all about you, but also, it's a little about me.  

May 3rd might be the day you were born, but it's also the day I became a sister. May 3rd forever changed my life. YOU forever changed my life and I'm beyond thankful for that. So thank you! Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for helping me grow. Thank you for putting up with me when no one else would. And thank you for always being on my side. 

I am truly blessed to call you my sister.  

i love you & happy birthday!