5 Fall Family Activities

Fall here in the Pacific North West is absolutely amazing! We're lucky enough here in Lake Chelan to get all four season. I wanted to share our families five favorite fall family activities!

  1. Pumpkin Patch
  2. Homemade Hot Apple Cider
  3. Apple Picking
  4. Afternoon Walks
  5. Leaf Pile Jumping

Pumpkin Patch

Vienna has loved seeing all of the pumpkins our this fall season and makes a game of it to count them when she sees any. She also tries to pick every single one up, which gets quite entertaining!  


Homemade Apple Cider

In addition to winemakeing Jon also makes Cider (Washington Gold Cider -  literally the best hard cider, no added sugar, all local apples for here in Washington and its gluten free!) sorry shameless plug there.. ANYWAYS when they are pressing apples for cider Jon will bring home fresh apple juice and we'll make a batch of hot spiced cider that Vienna LOVES! She also thinks it's fun to drink it from coffee mugs like an adult. 


Apple Picking

We've got no shortage of apple trees here in the valley, and with Jon's parents being apple farmers we've decided to make it a tradition to go out to their orchard and go apple picking every fall!


Afternoon Walks

Pretty soon there will be snow on the ground and our walks down the hill will come to an end so we've been getting out for a walk just about every day this fall and enjoying what weather/freedoms we have left! 


Leaf Pile Jumping

This one counts as both yard work and play.. win! We take up a bunch of leafs into a pile and just let Vienna go for it! Once she's thrown them all she even likes to pile them back up again!