Infants & Toddlers | Winter Car Seat Safety

Brr! It's starting to get cold here in Lake Chelan, so I thought it was a good time for a little winter car seat safety reminder!


Jackets & Car Seats

Winter coats in a  car seats do not allow the car seat to function as it was designed to do. No matter how tightly you might think you have your child strapped into their seat, when a car crash occurres a large winter coat will compress down to almost nothing and cause your child to be jolted around as if he/she was not properly secured. 

We live in a city where the weather gets down to much less than freezing in the winter, I'll be the first to admit it just doesemt feel right to take your kids jacket OFF of them when putting them into a redicously cold car. But, you've gotta do it! so, here are a few tips to make it a little cozier for your babe.

1. Put them in the car seat while still in the house (if they are still in an infant carrier) that way their seat hasn't been sitting in the cold car.  

2. If they are in a toddler seat bring a warm blanket from the house to lay over their legs/body. OR if they are older give their jacket to them after they are buckled in safely and have them put it on backwards. They think it's silly and fun and it will keep them warm! 

3. Warm your car up before you get the kids in.  This is what God created remote start for! If you don't have a remote start you'd be forced to make an extra trip out to the car to warm it, but totally worth it in my opinion!


Four out of five car seats are used incorrectly. 

Almost 500 children under age 5 are killed in car crashes each year. More than 200 of those kids were in a car seat that is designed to save their lives.

Over 31,700 kids a year were injured WHILE IN THEIR CAR SEAT.