8 Rules for Visiting Mom + Newborn

One of your friends of family just had a baby and you cant wait to meet this new bundle of joy! BUT, before you do, here are 8 Rules for visiting Mom + Newborn.

  1. Schedule + Courtesy Text.

    (don't just show up in-announced) 

  2. Bring Coffee or Food.

    (we're sleep deprived and nurishing two) 

  3. Wash Your Hands + Don't Even Chance Sickness.

    (just do it) 

  4. Leave Your Own Children at Home.

    (our new world is already crazy, help us tone down the anxiety) 

  5. Don't Ask to Hold the Newborn.

    (mom will hand off baby when she's ready to) 

  6. Ask How Shes Feeling.

    (we need to feel important and heard) 

  7. Help Out Around the House.

    (help with laundry, do the dishes, take the sibling for a 10 minute walk outside) 

  8. Don't Overstay Your Welcome.

    (Better safe than sorry)